Who We Are

Augmentalk is the only application to include an expanded video call.The aim is to turn everyone's fantasy into reality. This is the next era technology. Augmentalk represents a massive opportunity to revolutionize the way people live and communicate. It's a way to live now, learn about the future, and have fun together.Augmented realty (AR) is the new age of discovery and innovation.

This app is one in all applications. Keep the world between your hands.

Hang out with friends in a combination of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality.

The team has come up with the innovative ideas have to keep in track of the future chat app generation and creative oppurtunities. Augmentalk is the blend of artistic opportunities and technological innovations, designers provide feature which are evolving worlds beyond the screen in order to design the future.The application is multi-specialization in both physical and digital spaces.

It allows you the leverage of AI technologies to build interactive user interfaces, optimise your user experience by evaluating your interaction within the application. Augmentalk has come up with a whole different way of engaging. The favourite aspect of the whole app is it’s an entirely unique experience for any user. It's impressive how the professional creator worked to merge the Augmented Reality feature with the immersive virtual feature.

Augmentalkvideo chat app that integrates space travel, allowing you to compile realworld items to help friends or family members with activities.Users can invite friends to the AR Space and doodle in each other’s atmosphere.

Enable magic and blend new content into the users real life environment.Augmentalk is the new way of telling your story to your loved ones. It is designed with a vision to develop a picturesque imaginary environment for users interactive sight and sound experience.

The Future of Work with AR

  • ● To connect users with a smile on their faces.
  • ● To provide personalized, accessible and well-designed experiences.

Why Augmentalk ?