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Yeah, initially, you must not send your messages within 48 hours of receiving them. You can always delete any messages you have sent or received in any one-on-one correspondence (in parties, it's only your own messages only). You may also clear the whole history on both sides of the chat. In Augmenatlk, the deleted messages do not leave a trace on the conversation.

This, along with privacy settings for forwarded messages, allows the exchange of Augmentalk messages identical to face-to - face communication (without a tape recorder). As a result, our customers no longer need to think about the details they have collected in their chats over the years. Both parties in a conversation now have full control of what they do and what they don't have on their online identity.

Android: Slide on the "Group"

  • - Tap on the icon (>) on the left corner of the screen.
  • - Add people you want in your group by (mark).
  • - Tap on the (>).
  • - Write "group name".
  • - Tap on (>).
  • - Hurray you have successfully created your group.


  • - One phone number for one account.
  • - You must be able to accept a phone call and an SMS to the phone number you are trying to check.
  • - You must have some call-blocking parameters, programmes.

How to verify

  • 1. Enter your phone number.
  • 2. Tap Next to request a code.
  • 3. Enter the 6-digit code.

Yes! Last seen and online, tell you the last time your friends and family have used Augmentalk , or whether they're online.

But, through privacy setting you can control your last seen. So, if you want you can easily hide your last seen timings.

Steps how you can able to hide your last seen:

  • - They may have set their privacy settings to mask this information.
  • - You could have adjusted your privacy settings so that you don't reveal your last view.
  • - If you don't share your last vision, you can't see the last time you've met other contacts.
  • - You could have been blocked.

You can share the link via simple text message. Share the link with your friends and family a download link via any other messaging service: email, Facebook, WhatsApp, the actual Augmentalk — you name it. Links: (qwerrtyuu)

No, you don’t need to create any username or password for it. Simple enter your phone number and you will get a verification code that all you need. And you are Ready to explore all the stunning features of Augmentalk.

Yes! You can Make 3 Types of call in Augmentalk

  • 1. AR video Call
  • 2. Normal video call
  • 3. Voice calling

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