How it works

How does Augmentalk work and what's the point?

World’s to begin with increased reality informing and video calling stage.Augmenatlk could be a portable app for Android gadgets. The core concept of this app is that you just can make expanded reality (AR) video calls, can send 3D objects. This passing, or transitory, nature of the app was at first laid out to engage a more common stream of interaction. Express yourself with Channels and all sorts of fun impacts.

·Your message history is saved, now you can search your conversation history by keywords.

·You can send audio note as well.

What’s the point of Augmentalk?

Argumentalk was centered on expanded reality (AR) video calls, can send 3D objects. It can to be utilized for sending brief recordings, live video chatting, informing, chat call and more. AR can include the projection of pictures onto clear glasses; the more broadly utilized shape places an overlay of pictures or data. Other highlights incorporate the capacity to include channels and AR-based to snaps and appear your live area on a world map.

For instance, you posted status, tweets, photographs, and recordings, and you'd have a record of all those things online, so your companions may comment on them and you'd all see them until the end of time. Augmentalk has changed that. It changed the way we communicate online. With Augmentalk , you'll rapidly send a photo of yourself with a AR connected channels to a companion, and after they open it, they can alter the mode of observing recordings in 5 diverse one of a kind ways such as Starswars ball , robot and more.

In fact, your companion can take screenshot of it on the off chance that they need, and answer with their claim photo or video reaction, which they can included to their Channel for companions and devotees to see.